Who We Are

Vividity tech is to bring better life for the world at large.

We are a team with expertises on computer vision and machine learning.

We believe AI and data driven approaches are revolutionizing our life.

We think augmented reality should benefit human without extra device or cost.

What We Do

Work on the data-driven AI methods to benefit humanity.

Understand the surrounding real world of the user and make it becomes perceptive, interactive and digitally manipulated

Present AI solutions and entertainment users in their daily life.

Lower the cost and apply AI technology to benifit everyone.

Our projects

We are working on the intersection of AI and entertainment, and want to advance AI applications to help us on our daily life.

Dance machine App

Instead of dancing on the physical machine, we use AI and machine learning to track human acitivity so that users can dance at home with a simple App.

Semantic segmentation

Improve image segmentation performance, so that it can be used in gaming, labeling tools, healthcare and even blind assistant in their daily life.

Image generation

Generate fancy images guided by user's input.

Start Download Mobile App

We currently have a dance machine App (test version) available in both in IOS and Android platform.